'Royalty, Crown Royalty'

Medium Format - Mamiya RB67 / Fuji Pro 400, Kodak Portra 400 & Expired Kodak VPS6006

A series capturing the honesty of human connection and everyday life. I walk around my neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, sparking random conversations with strangers and they turn into interesting, purposeful connections. The everydayness, people’s lives, deep stories, what they had to eat last night, whatever is on their mind. The some conversations end with a photograph and a memory, others end with an interesting conversation and no evidence. The beauty is what lies outside the frame. People should feel empowered, delighted, honored, appreciated; and these simple interactions and a single photo can do that for a person.

The individuals are promised a print and its given to them wherever the photograph was taken so I can see the reaction on their face. People have routines and usually make their way back to that same spot. The reactions are priceless and I want individuals to see themselves in a different light then what they are used to. An image can be a reflection of their souls and I want them to find the beauty in that.

The camera has become the tool to ease and relax the interaction. At the end of the day, we are all people and simple gestures of humanity are still around us. A small interaction can go a long way. The camera became the instrument to help write and conduct this piece.

Here is its beautiful song.